Accelerate Learning With Pathway2Careers Math

Pathway2Careers™ innovative, career-connected learning curriculum engages students to over 650 unique occupations in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, and Geometry. With Pathway2Careers, students:

96% of teachers reported the career content as exciting and engaging

92% of teachers observed an increase in math performance.

83% reported an increased interest in career exploration

Pathway2Careers Math Curriculum Overview

  • Math Curriculum for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II
  • Unique careers featured throughout each course
  • Occupations represent high-value careers in multiple fields
  • Application lessons offer in-depth exploration of specific math concepts in the context of a spotlighted career
  • Math assessments with a Quantile® measure that indicates students’ readiness for more complex skills
  • Use in a blended learning model as a core or supplemental curriculum
  • Digital curriculum integrates with numerous LMS systems
  • Aligned with common core state standards and various state-specific academic standards
  • Assessments results provide comparisons to the math demands of different careers in the Quantile Career Database

Solutions Designed For...

We work closely with educators to solve the biggest challenges in education.


Make education relevant with P2C and prepare students for successful lives and careers beyond high school ​

Curriculum Directors​

Provide educators with a powerful resource when learners ask: “When will I ever us this?”​

Secondary Principals​

Create daily connections between classroom activities and career pathways with P2C​

Use Cases

Increase Engagement

62% of students report being more interested in how math is used in careers

Accelerate Learning

88% of teachers report positive engagement and learning outcomes

High-quality Enrichment

76% affirm increased engagement and interest in career-connected learning