Pathway2Careers Approved for Knoxville Students

NS4ed Brings Knoxville Students a Career-Focused Math Curriculum + Career Exploration

Maryville, TN – April 13, 2023 – NS4ed was selected as a model for Knox County Schools to support post-secondary preparation programming and professional development for all students. This initiative provides students with the opportunity to explore multiple career pathways. NS4ed’s career-connected learning platform, Pathway2Careers™, will partner with local schools to create career exploration experiences for students, provide academic support, and provide teacher development programs with best practices.

This program aims to ensure that all Knox County Schools graduates are college and career ready by providing them with the opportunities and skills needed to succeed in their desired post-secondary path. Through Pathway2Careers and other initiatives, Knox County Schools is committed to providing students with the best possible preparation for their future. By combining professional development opportunities for teachers with career experience for students, Knox County Schools is empowering its graduates to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Pathway2Careers solves the biggest challenges in education and helps learners and educators make daily connections between classroom activities and career pathways by answering the most asked question from learners: When will I ever use this? By delivering comprehensive career-connected learning solutions backed by industry-leading research and technical services, NS4ed removes obstacles and narrows the achievement gap. Because when education becomes relevant, learners are fully engaged.

NS4ed is a Tennessee-based educational research and solution development company dedicated to clearing the biggest hurdles in education by challenging current approaches and motivating student learning through career-connected relevance. By connecting classroom and career paths, we believe we can transform not just the future prosperity of individual students but the economies of whole communities.

The US Department of Education encourages educators to reimagine how all students can transition from high school to postsecondary education and into careers. Education is on the cusp of a career-connected learning revolution. It is an exciting time to establish partnerships focused on engaging students with powerful learning methods to improve student outcomes.

About Pathway2Careers: NS4ed is passionate about making education relevant so learners fully engage. The educational research, services, and development company delivers effective, engaging sole source solutions in professional development services, customized labor market data, career exploration tools, and mathematics & career-connected learning curricula. NS4ed invests in quality measures to ensure its innovative solutions provide exceptional student experience, comprehensive learning, and support best practices in teaching.    

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