Pathway2Careers Curriculum Now Reports Quantile Measures

Pathway2Careers Curriculum now includes digital lessons with assessments that report Quantile® measures from MetaMetrics®.

Career-focused curriculum leverages MetaMetrics’ math measures to increase support for personalized learning

DURHAM, N.C. & Maryville, TN – October 12, 2021 – NS4ed, a leader in technology-based career and college education services, announced today its Pathway2Careers Curriculum now includes digital lessons with assessments that report Quantile® measures from MetaMetrics®. The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics places both the student and instructional material on the same scale to match the learner with math resources at their ability level.

Designed to support career readiness, Pathway2Careers provides clear insight into regional high-value career opportunities. By using local labor market data to understand career destinations for students, educators can align education practices and prioritize learning opportunities to prepare all students for high-value career opportunities. The program engages students through real-world application of core math concepts demonstrating how each concept is used in authentic on-the-job examples. The curriculum emphasizes high-demand job opportunities, answering the familiar question from students, “Why do I need to know this?” or “When will I ever use this?”

“This school year, educators are looking for ways to accelerate learning more than ever before,” said Joseph Goins, CEO of NS4ed. “By partnering with MetaMetrics to report Quantile measures from our Pathway2Careers system, we are giving teachers a powerful tool for personalizing learning and helping their students navigate the path to success.”

“One of the reasons we developed the Quantile Framework for Mathematics was to help teachers ensure that students develop the math skills necessary to pursue the careers that they are interested in,” said Malbert Smith, CEO and co-founder, MetaMetrics. “Having the Pathway2Careers system report Quantile measures supports our mission to ensure that all students are prepared for success in our evolving career landscape.”

About MetaMetrics
MetaMetrics is an award-winning education technology organization that offers the only scientifically valid, universal scales for measuring silent and oral reading and listening (Lexile) and math (Quantile) with plans to develop measures for writing. The Lexile and Quantile Frameworks measure student ability and the complexity of the content they encounter. Lexile and Quantile measures and related technologies link assessment to instruction and provide next steps for students of all ages and abilities. The measures also provide valuable insights about students’ potential for growth. MetaMetrics’ measures, products and services are licensed to dozens of education product companies to help achieve that growth. For 35 years, MetaMetrics’ work is increasingly recognized for its research-based approach to improving learning. For more information, visit

About Pathway2Careers
NS4ed is a rising leader in technology-based career and college education services and actionable research. Its revolutionary Pathway2Careers program provides straightforward tools that identify high-value careers and effective resources and materials that can sustain progress on the pathway to career readiness. Its curricula, Pathway2Careers, bridges the gap between textbook theory and real-life application in a way that drives student success and the economy.


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