Report Shows Powerful Results from P2C Math

Recent surveys of students and teachers in New Mexico reported great progress in positively affecting students’ attitudes about math and outcomes in math through the nation’s first career-connected math curricula, Pathway2Careers™, developed by career-connected learning leader NS4ed. 

Data-driven and built on evidence-based research, Pathway2Careers addresses the decades-long stagnation and decline in math proficiencies nationwide. 

Pathway2Careers introduces students to more than 650 unique occupations in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, and Geometry tying math concepts to real-world application. The curricula bring careers to life by connecting learning with authentic situations so students can see how math applies to everyday tasks in a variety of careers. 

In partnership with the College and Career Readiness Bureau of the New Mexico Public Education Department, the study explored student engagement for improved outcomes. 

Virtually all teachers reported positive impacts of Pathway2Careers in helping students practice math concepts (88%), ease in teaching math lessons with relevance to life and futures (75%), and to learn math (73%). Half (50%) agreed Pathway2Careers helped reduce learning loss and just under half felt it helped increase math test scores (44%). 

Teachers using the assessments within the curriculum to track the growth of student learning using the Quantile® Frameworks from MetaMetrics, (85%) reported that Pathway2Careers assessments made it easier to track students’ progress in learning. 

Student survey results also revealed success in increasing student engagement when learning about math and understanding math concepts. Students reported being more interested in learning about different careers (62%), how skills are used in careers (56%), and how math is used in careers (55%).  

Survey results affirmed increased engagement and interest in career-connected learning with (76%) of students receiving support from teachers to learn more math skills in the context of careers and (56%) of students noting that Pathway2Careers accelerated learning of skills missed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 “The Pathways2Careers math curriculum is a great resource to assist in closing the mathematical learning gaps using mathematical content and the relevance of the careers related to them,” said Breezy Gutierrez, Director of the College and Career Readiness Bureau of the New Mexico Department of Education. 

“Having access to materials and curriculum that has already been aligned to standards and career pathways and has an all-in-one platform to access them takes off the burden for teachers in their process of lesson planning and preparation. This contributes to the ability to have more time dedicated to efficiently delivering instruction and implementing the components of the resources,” she said. 

When education becomes relevant, students fully engage. Pathway2Careers curriculum brings purpose to learning by showing clearly how math is used in future careers. By bridging the gap between textbook theory and real-life applications, Pathway2Careers is demonstrating that it can improve student success, economic growth, and equitable solutions for all students. 

About Pathway2Careers: NS4ed is passionate about making education relevant so learners fully engage. The educational research, services and development company delivers effective, engaging sole source solutions in professional development services, customized labor market data, career exploration tools, and mathematics & career-connected learning curricula. NS4ed invests in quality measures to ensure its innovative solutions provide exceptional student experience, comprehensive learning, and support best practices in teaching. 

Notes: Respondents included 678 students and two groups of teachers (44 total teachers). Seventy-three percent of students were in grades 7-9, with the rest being in grades 10 and 11. 

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