How to Improve Attitudes on Math Learning

Career-Focused Mathematics Instruction

It is a widely known fact that many students begin developing a negative attitude toward mathematics instruction at a young age, some as early as elementary school. In 2019, only 34% of eigth-grade public-school students were performing at or above a “proficient” level in math.
It’s possible that a solution to the problem lies in the why of math, rather than the how.  Math traditionally has been taught in a very linear, abstract format that makes it difficult for most students to relate the subject matter to their daily lives.

In 2019, the US scored an average of just

Math Proficiency of 8th Graders

in terms of eighth-grade public-school students performing at or above the National Assessment of Educational Process’ “proficient” level in mathematics.

Download this SmartFocus article (in partnership with P2C) to consider ways math engagement and outcomes can improve.

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