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Caravan date: February 19

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P2C Math Overview

In this dynamic presentation, we’ll explore the key components of P2C products, including Career-Connected Math Curriculum.

  • Discover how Pathway2Careers seamlessly integrates academic knowledge with real-world scenarios, aligns its curriculum with educational standards, offers diverse lesson types, and provides robust instructional supports for both educators and students.
  • Join us for an engaging journey into the future of education, where pathways to successful careers are illuminated.

Live P2C Math Lesson

Don’t miss this opportunity to see P2C Math come to life! Join our virtual session for an immersive experience featuring a modeled live lesson using the P2C Math curriculum.

  • Explore firsthand the innovative teaching methods and interactive elements that make P2C Math an exceptional resource for educators.
  • Witness the curriculum in action as we guide you through a dynamic lesson, showcasing its effectiveness in engaging students and fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

P2C Assessments

Join us for a concise yet insightful session on the array of assessment tools that make Pathway2Careers a valuable asset in shaping an impactful educational experience. In this virtual exploration of Pathway2Careers Assessment Types we will:

  • Delve into the versatility of formative assessments, custom activities, growth measures, projects, and rubrics, gaining insights into how these tools contribute to a comprehensive and effective assessment strategy.
  • Learn how Pathway2Careers empowers educators with diverse evaluation methods, ensuring a holistic approach to measuring student progress and success.