P2C Academic Conversation Cards

One of the primary benefits of incorporating academic conversation cards into math instruction is the cultivation of critical thinking skills. By engaging students in a discussion centered around mathematical concepts, students are prompted to articulate their reasoning, justify their solutions, and critique the perspectives of their peers. This process not only deepens their comprehension of mathematical principles but also enhances their ability to communicate and reason mathematically – essential skills for success in both academics and beyond.

Furthermore, academic conversation cards promote inclusivity and equitable participation within the classroom. Research by Jeff Zwiers underscores the importance of creating environments where all students, regardless of background or proficiency level, feel empowered to engage in rigorous mathematical discussions. Academic conversation cards serve as a vehicle to achieve this goal by providing structured prompts that guide students through collaborative conversations. By leveraging the research of Zwiers, O’Hara, & Pritchard (2014) and prioritizing equitable learning practices, educators can empower students to become active participants in their mathematical journey, fostering deeper understanding, inclusivity, and collaboration along the way. Foster critical thinking and strengthen understanding of math concept with these downloadable academic conversation cards provided by Pathway2Careeers.

academic cards

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