P2C Math Curriculum Sample

Career-Connected Learning

P2C Math modernizes the study of mathematics by prioritizing comprehension. With the recognition that students excel when they perceive a purpose in their learning, The P2C Math digital curriculum offers teachers flexible delivery options to connect careers and math learning.

Our all-encompassing P2C Math allows students to interact with over 650 distinctive jobs, providing an in-depth exploration of mathematical concepts within specific high-value careers through almost 200 application lessons.

With an included innovative assessment, P2C Math gauges students’ readiness for more intricate skills. Leveraging the Quantile® Framework for mathematics, P2C math incorporates the Quantile® Career Database, guiding students on applying their current math aptitude and setting pathway goals. This invaluable information increases students’
awareness of the skills and concepts needed to reach their career goals.

In addition, P2C incorporates tailored career exploration for grades 6-12. This guided exploration curriculum includes STEM career activities and financial literacy learning. By connecting learning with potential career paths, students can discover opportunities and forge their unique journey to success.

Download our P2C Math Curriculum Sample to discover more about P2C Math.

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P2C Math Curriculum Sample Download

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