Sonal Hate, MBA

As the NS4ed Labor Market Product Owner, Sonal Hate, is responsible for producing easy-to-digest labor market data resources for students and educators focusing on career readiness. Sonal can synthesize this complex workforce and business data using her experience in the labor market research field. Her work with the Product Design & Development Team at NS4ed includes creating customized labor market analysis reports, maps, and data analysis required for P2C’s Labor Market Navigator tool.

Before joining P2C’s team, Sonal was the Workforce Research Manager for the Missouri Department of Economic Development and a researcher for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Sonal earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Mumbai, India. She earned subsequent degrees, including an MBA focused in organizational behavior and marketing from the University of New Haven and a MA in economics from Iowa State University.

Sonal is passionate about working with data and simplifying it to drive better decision-making. She and her family live in Columbia, Missouri.

Hubs of Inquiry: Labor Market Data Analysis; Competency Modeling; Product Development; Grant Management; Policy Research; Client-Partner Success Initiatives.