Preparing students for their desired careers is at the heart of College and Career Readiness

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Pathway2Careers™ provides powerful tools for guiding students toward career success and aligning educational programs with regional high-value careers. Establish a culture of career readiness to strengthen CTE programs, effortlessly deliver Perkins V and CLNA reports, and engage students in meaningful conversations that prepare them for a successful career.

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Use Cases


Align Priorities and Champion Career Readiness

43% of students starting postsecondary programs do NOT earn a degree in 6 years.


Strengthen CTE Programs and Save Precious Time with Customized Solutions

41% of recent grads are underemployed or working jobs that do not require a college degree.


Prepare Students for Future Success and Tailor Career Exploration

74% of hiring managers agree that a ‘skills gap’ persists in the current US labor and hiring economy.

Solutions Designed For...


Align district priorities and champion career readiness with P2C's comprehensive solution. Leverage P2C's robust framework to shape a generation of confident, adaptable, and future-ready professionals, bridging the gap between education and the workforce.

CTE Directors​

Save precious time with LMN's one-click reporting feature. With the power of detailed regional labor market analysis, the LMN delivers essential data to conduct and meet Perkins V and CLNA, align and enhance CTE programs, foster a skilled workforce, and promote regional economic development.

Guidance Counselors

Pave the way for students' successful transition from education to fulfilling careers. P2C's Career Exploration curriculum provides students with practical knowledge and skills, real-world experiences, and a clear understanding of the ever-evolving job market.​

A Comprehensive Approach to Career Readiness​

Pathway2Careers™ bridges the gap between education and the workforce, fostering student engagement and motivation for a successful future by connecting students with their future careers.

The P2C Career Exploration curriculum employs a revolutionary approach to career discovery, preparation, and readiness. Tailored for junior and high school students, P2C Career Exploration Curriculum features STEM activities, financial literacy education, and personalized portfolios aligned with the National Career Clusters. This comprehensive curriculum guides students towards high-value regional careers, offering a clear roadmap to their goals.

The P2C Labor Market Navigator is a data-driven platform offering insights into regional career opportunities through local labor market data. This unique platform aligns education with regional labor market demands, demonstrating the value of career readiness and contributing to a brighter future for students and communities. LMN’s one-click reporting feature saves valuable time and supports both Perkins V and CLNA efforts.

Discover the power of P2C’s Career Exploration curriculum and Labor Market Navigator. P2C’s comprehensive career readiness solution is your pathway to success, providing rich insights into high-value career opportunities, fostering engagement, and inspiring motivation.