NS4ed to become Pathway2Careers

A new brand provides clarity and commitment to career-connected learning.

NS4ed will rebrand to become Pathway2Careers™ in September. Since its inception nearly ten years ago, our research and experience have proven the value career-connected learning can have because when education becomes relevant, learners fully engage. Driven by this commitment, the transition to Pathway2Careers, or P2C, will reflect the concentrated focus.

Career-connected learning is gaining interest, especially as the U.S. Department of Education (DoE) has recognized career-connected learning as vital to bridging the gap between K-12 education, and college, career, and industry preparation programs. While the DoE has expressed what is needed, P2C delivers the how.


“The transition to Pathway2Careers properly reflects our intention to build an authentic approach to solving the gaps in education,” stated Kari Stillman, CMO of Pathway2Careers.

Our experience and research show that the root cause of poor student performance is the lack of student engagement. Pathway2Careers offers products and services that solve some of the biggest challenges in education, helping learners and educators make daily connections between what they are doing now in the classroom and what they’ll do later in life. In doing so, we answer the most common question in class: “When will I EVER need to know this in the real world?”.

Our products support a career readiness model that increases student motivation and performance, while our research and support services can alter policy and strengthen communities. By connecting classroom and career paths, we believe we can transform not just the future prosperity of individual students but the economies of whole communities.

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