Connecting Math to Careers

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The question asked in every math classroom year after year is, When will I ever need to know this in the real world?”

The answer is P2C Math.

P2C Math bridges the gap between textbook theory and real-life math applications. It helps students understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’, propelling them towards success and fueling economic growth. Elevate your math learning experience with P2C Math today!

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Math Made Relevent

P2C Math modernizes the teaching of mathematics by prioritizing comprehension. When students find purpose in what they are learning, they perform better in school. The flexible delivery options of our  math-curriculum empowers teachers to establish connections between math and various careers, illustrating the relevance of mathematical concepts to real-world occupations. 

P2C Math Includes:

p2c lessons

Formative Assessments​

Each P2C Math lesson provides opportunities for students to practice math skills and concepts. ​

Career Preparation & Career Spotlight​

Students practice all the skills from the lesson cumulatively. Teachers measure comprehension of the concepts after teaching the entire lesson. “Check” exercises are often auto-scored so they can offer immediate feedback and utilized as a way to practice standardized test-taking skills. ​

Build Your Skills & On the Job​

Designed as a stop-gap to assess learning throughout each lesson, these exercises give teachers the opportunity to assess student understanding before moving on to the next concept within the class period.

Custom Activities​

Teacher autonomy is key.​ Teachers personalize activities at a class or student level and create assessments to monitor student learning.​

Growth Measures​

MetaMetrics math assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of mathematical proficiency generating a Quantile® measure.​

Student Scores​

Access student scores, not grades. Data-driven decision-making that exposes and support effective teaching strategies.​

Projects & Rubrics​

Scoring rubrics assess student performance based on various criteria, including accuracy, reasoning, communication, and problem-solving skills.​

Student Engagement

The real problem is changing the behavior the students have towards math. We keep trying to think up a better math problem, and we think that if we put it in a textbook, that’ll fix it. What we really have to do is take a step back and ask: ‘How do we engage students differently about mathematics?

student engagement graph

What are Teachers Saying?1


Reported the career content as interesting and engaging.


Observed an increase in math performance.


Reported an increased interest in career exploration.

1 P2C Math was used as a pilot in New Mexico during the spring of 2021. Surveys were conducted to capture the initial use classroom and provide teacher feedback regarding its benefits and weaknesses.

At Cañon City High School, P2C Math is being used as a curriculum resource in a Pilot Program with our students needing intervention and engagement. In the one quarter of use, the teachers report a noticeable increase in interest and engagement that comes from taking the time to introduce each major topic with an exploration of the use of mathematics in the topic as used in actual careers.
William Summers

Math Professional Development

Our professional development team is dedicated to ensuring your P2C Math adoption is successful.​

  • In-person or virtual implementation and onboarding sessions include the following components:
    • Ensure access to P2C Educate
    • Provide a deep dive into the P2C Math curriculum, lesson planning, and assessment support
    • Exploration of additional career-connected learning features of the P2C Educate to aid teachers in amplifying engagement in their classrooms!
  • Participation in the P2C Monthly Master Class that provides:
    • Support for users in the practice of research-based pedagogically sound instructional strategies
    • Support in the use of P2C Math and/or P2C Career Explorer curriculum
  • Access to P2C Educate includes asynchronous courses and participation with a collaborative community of P2C users. P2C educators have access to three categories of courses designed to not only support educators in their use of the P2C curriculum but also aid in their understanding of pedagogy and sound instructional practices.
  • 30, 60, and 90-day virtual check-ins to ensure a smooth transition to P2C for teachers and administrators.

Foster equitable outcomes in math education


Empower educators


Create a positive impact on leaders, teachers, and students

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