Employability Skills

Career Stories Foster Skill & Competency Growth

Critical skills and competencies can impact a person’s ability to obtain employment and to move along their pathway to their career objective. These sorts of qualities have been termed and referred to by many words. They have been referred to as “soft skills,” “people skills,” “interpersonal skills,” “transferable work skills,” “employability skills,” and more. “Employability skills” are challenging to assess, as they are not as straightforward as “hard skills,” but they are essential to recognize, nurture, and develop. Informational interviewing is an excellent way to gain insight into the qualities and skills that future employers and supervisors may desire. Introducing students to various employability skills and fostering the growth of competencies is valuable and can be brought into middle and high school core subject curricula.

NS4ed created career story highlight videos with interesting interview excerpts on several topics. Recordings like the Employability Skills Video can be accessed over P2C’s YouTube Channel. We encourage you to share career stories with your students because an inspirational career journey narrative could influence the trajectory of their lives. Recordings featured in the Pathway2Careers Program and NS4ed resources introduce learners to sincere career story interviews. Click on the image on the adjoining page to hear from a communications specialist, a computer gaming company CEO, and a pharmacist clinician.

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