From Classroom to Career: Strengthening Connections Between Education and the Workforce for Student Success

Pathway2Careers™ understands that connecting students with their interests is critical to increasing engagement and motivation in their educational journey. When education becomes relevant, learners fully engage. P2C Career Explorer and P2C Labor Market Navigator are essential resources for educators focused on helping students prepare for successful futures.

P2C Career Explorer provides an innovative, comprehensive approach to career exploration, encompassing personal discovery, career evaluation, career preparation, and career awareness. Career-connected learning modules align with the 16 career clusters outlined in the National Career Clusters Framework. The curricula are tailored for junior and high school students, including STEM career activities and financial literacy learning. Personalized portfolios and career pathways guide students toward high-value careers in their region, engage students through real-world connections, and provide students with a clear roadmap to achieve their goals.

P2C Labor Market Navigator is a powerful platform that provides clear insights into regional high-value career opportunities through local labor market data. By aligning education practices with labor market demands, we help students see the relevance and value of their education and build a brighter future for students and the community.

Discover and unlock your students’ potential with P2C Career Explorer and P2C Labor Market Navigator, designed to provide comprehensive career readiness resources and insights into high-value career opportunities, leading to engagement, motivation, and success.

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