Edgar Fermin

Edgar Fermín is a highly qualified professional with a solid vocational education and technical training background. He attended a Vocational Technical School in Venezuela, where he began developing his skills and understanding of career technical education programs. This early exposure to Vocational Education instilled in him the value of connecting learning to careers to reach opportunities that lead to success. Throughout his career, Edgar has worked in various industries and countries, gaining extensive experience in international relations and serving as a liaison to broaden the scope of organizations and build new partnerships. As a member of the NS4ed team, he is committed to supporting projects that involve actionable research, professional development, and career-connected learning. He promotes schemes that identify the characteristics and needs of specific regions to drive economic growth and development. Edgar’s strong foundation in vocational Education and technical training allows him to understand the importance of these programs in preparing individuals for successful professional careers.


University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA: BS in Management Information Systems

Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA: AS in Computer Programming